Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this incredible campaign.

How do I enter?

For a share of R100 Million in Capital, you will need to meet the following requirements:
* Be a registered South African business
* Have a valid PO or contract with a reputable large organisation
* Need a minimum facility of R250,000 up to a maximum of R5 million per transaction
* Apply for capital with ProfitShare Partners (R250,000 to R5 million).

For the Grand R1 Million Cash Prize:
* Qualify by successfully getting capital for your small business from ProfitShare Partners between 1 June 2020 and 30 April 2021
* Create as many jobs as possible until 30 April 2021.
SMEs that received a share of capital and created the most number of jobs will be judged, and jobs created will be audited. The Grand Prize winner will be announced in May 2021.

For R10,000 Monthly Giveaways:
* WhatsApp Hot 91.9FM with the keyword ‘WorkSA’ on 084 2212 919
* Tell us how you would spend R10,000 to boost your business. ​Entrants must send their qualifying message to the Hot 91.9FM WhatsApp line.
Entries will be judged, and a winner chosen by the Hot 91.9FM team.
The R10,000 prize money will be issued to the winner which can be used for business purposes.
Listen to Hot 91.9FM daily between 14h00 and 16h00 for updates and winner announcements
Like and follow ProfitShare Partners Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages to receive regular updates.
Download the getlion mobile app to start, manage and grow your business – and get rewarded for doing so.

Who can enter? Which industries are covered in the Get SA Working initiative?

This campaign is open to all registered South African businesses who have OR may get a valid purchase order or contract with a large reputable company. Certain high-performance risk transactions like construction, are specifically excluded. Please visit for more.

What is the minimum and maximum amounts of capital that you inject into a transaction?

We will inject a minimum of R250,000 and a maximum of R5 million in capital per transaction.

I don’t have financial statements; I don’t have any security to offer and I don’t have a track record.

That’s exactly the businesses we are trying to help. We don’t need any of the above to approve a transaction. The idea is that after we help you for a number of transactions, you start building your track record, you gain cash in the bank and you may start preparing financial statements. With every successful deal that we partner with SMEs, we grow the business to gain the track record and history to apply for normal funding from a bank.

What if I do grow and have financial statements, security, etc. but the bank still refuses to fund me?

We are still there to help and provide capital for your transactions as long as you need, whether or not you can access bank funding.

Why don’t you use interest rates like a bank or other funders do?

We don’t use interest in our transactions with our clients. We use a profit-sharing approach. In this way, it doesn’t matter that you don’t qualify for traditional finance and don’t meet the usual, minimum requirements like financial statements, track record, security, etc. We take a risk on the transaction that you want to enter into and not on your financial strength. To take this kind of risk, we participate in the profits of the transaction.

What is the level of profits that you want to share in?

Each transaction is different, and the profit calculation is determined by several factors including amount, term of transaction, complexities and risk, ultimate payment party, supplier risks, the level of our involvement, SME experience, etc. We never want to earn more profit than our client earns, so if a transaction requires that our return be more than our client, we will then decline such a transaction. Ideally, we want to earn a third of the profits, but this can be much lower or higher depending on the factors described above. As you grow and have completed several transactions with us and you can show how you are reducing risks for both of us, we start also taking a lower share of profits. At this stage, you are probably ready to enter the banking sector for finance.

If you take a share of my profit on a transaction, how are you different to a Private Equity or Venture Capital company?

We only participate in a specific transaction. Our capital is used only for a specific project and then returned to us with a share of the profits only on that transaction as agreed to upfront. A Private Equity or Venture Capital company takes shares in your business for the capital they inject in your business say around 30% of the shares of the business. This capital must be used to grow the business and then you have to buy back these shares at the increased value in the future or allowed it to be sold to someone else to allow the Private Equity Investor to recover their investment plus their returns. We allow you to keep 100% of your shares. There is no need to buy back your shares. This way you grow your wealth in your business with nobody else to answer to.

Do you take shares in my company?

No, we don’t take shares in your business.  You own 100% of the shares in your company. We only share in the profits of the transaction that we provide capital to, nothing else. You keep total control and independence.

I don’t have a good credit history. In fact, I have some judgements. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply. As our focus is around your transaction and not your personal financial circumstances, a bad credit record is not a reason for us to decline a transaction. We do however decline where we believe your actions show that you do not honour your obligations.

Do you fund government or State-owned Entity (SOE’s) purchase orders

Yes, we fund to several local, provincial, and national government departments. We may sometimes decline to fund departments or government institutions that are in financial difficulty or have a bad track record of payment.

R100 million with no financials or security sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?

There is NO catch! This is what ProfitShare Partners does anyway and this is an initiative to help boost the SA economy by accelerating SME business growth and development. It’s to stimulate ideas and businesses. The reason we are showcasing transactions is to show other SMEs what’s possible and that there are other, alternative options available to them.

For example: Have you been retrenched? Find yourself out of work? Nobody has a better understanding of the problems and solutions required by your last employer than you. Have a great business idea and you can approach your ex-employer or any other large company to give you a contract or purchase order, but you don’t want to use your retrenchment pay-out or you don’t have access to funds to make the deal happen?  Get in touch with us. Over the next few months, we’d like to engage with small businesses looking for opportunities with a monthly cycle of identifying potential SMEs with monthly finalists.

What are the qualification criteria to win the R1million Grand Prize?

We are looking to give the R1 million cash prize to any SME that has received their share of R100 million capital from ProfitShare Partners during this campaign and has created the most number of jobs by the end of this initiative – 30 April 2021. We encourage SMEs to downloaded the getlion app to start, manage and grow their business – and get rewarded for doing so.