About Get SA Working

ProfitShare Partners is passionate about enabling entrepreneurs & small business owners. That’s why we’ve partnered with Hot 91.9FM to bring you all of the latest news and updates on the Get SA Working initiative. What’s more, we’ve also partnered with getlion – a virtual mobile app that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs start, manage and grow their business, and get rewarded for doing so. Why? Because we want your business to do more business!

An exciting collaboration.

In an exciting collaboration with Hot 91.9FM, we envisioned a campaign that would help kickstart our South African economy and help create jobs. With lockdown alert levels easing, we face a new dawn of opportunities. SMEs have a golden opportunity to participate in the campaign and stand a chance to access their share of R100 million in capital support for their business from 1 June 2020 until 31 May 2021.

Start, Manage and Grow your business.

Get Rewarded for doing so. getlion is a free, all-in-one mobile application designed for SMEs, start-ups and prospective entrepreneurs. Through getlion, users are able to start and grow their businesses through a curated ecosystem of more than 20 industry-leading partners – allowing anyone to access the funding, discounted services, tools and know-how required to start and run a business effectively.

1. Download the getlion mobile app for FREE

2. Follow the prompts to register and enter your details
3. Start, manage and grow your business with getlion – and get REWARDED for running your business well!

100 Million reasons to help your business do more business

The Get SA Working initiative is aimed at doing just that. By ploughing R100 million in capital into SME businesses, we want to enable and empower SMEs to become financially viable and grow into independent, sustainable enterprises. Get SA Working is exclusive to Hot 91.9FM.


We want to get your business to do more business and create jobs!

Our core objective is to assist South Africa in alleviating poverty by helping SMEs to create jobs.
This is achieved by mobilising the growth and development of small and medium sized enterprises.
Through this approach, we provide the steppingstone for SMEs to grow.

Our founder and CEO, Andrew Maren shares why ProfitShare Partners initiated the Get SA Working campaign.